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What is WxNotify?

WxNotify is a free service that sends notifications for weather, law enforcement, and governmental alerts. Subscribers of the service choose their location on a Google Map of the United States, and WxNotify takes care of figuring out which alerts apply to their location. WxNotify does not send alerts for locations outside of the United States.

This website is fully-responsive, which looks and functions similarly on any device; whether it be a computer, smartphone, or tablet. WxNotify obtains its weather data directly from the following governmental agencies, using the NOAA Weather Wire Service (NWWS):

Timing is everything. WxNotify relays severe weather alerts seconds after they are issued by the National Weather Service.

Service Features

Below are some of the features that makes WxNotify an extremely versatile alerting platform.

An Alert is made up a contact, location, schedule, and products profile, and is what WxNotify uses to notify its users. Users may create up to five alerts.
Contact Profiles
Contact destinations may use one of four different methods; E-mail, SMS text, Slack message, or automated phone call that speaks the details of the alert.
Location Profiles
Users may choose multiple locations to be notified for, so you can make sure your family and friends remain safe during severe weather.

Schedule Profiles
Users are in complete control over when they are notified, and may specify "quiet-times" which prevent notifications from being sent.
Products Profiles
Products are bulletins coming from the National Weather service. A product can be anything from a tornado warning to a wind advisory.
Daily Forecast
A daily forecast may also be configured to be sent to a user via e-mail. The forecast outlines the weather conditions for the next seven days.

WxNotify is built using 100% open-source technology. The service has also been architected to ensure 99.99% uptime, since severe weather can strike at any time of the day, year round.

Alerts and Profiles

Users may specify up to five (5) "alerts" and up to ten (10) contact, location, schedule, or products "profiles" each to build alerts from.

Once an alert is created, and a matching product is issued by the National Weather Service, the user will receive a notification at the destination specified in the alert’s contact profile, IF the location specified in the product matches the user’s location profile, AND the alert’s schedule profile dictates that they be notified at that time.

Users may choose from over 100 different types of products to be notified for.

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